Why FavGuard?

Favorites Privacy
You shouldn’t have to broadcast information you don’t want to. We know that users have their own purposes for favoriting a tweet. Some use the feature to bookmark, so the tweet can be read later, while others use it as a Facebook Like. We’ve created FavGuard so you can favorite for your needs and not have to worry about what other people can see.

Favorites ≠ Retweets
Twitter has begun announcing to your followers when you favorite a tweet. (Read the article.) Without your consent, Twitter will post your favorites in their timeline, just like a retweet. This muddles the distinction between the two and makes it even more difficult to use the favorite feature for your own purposes. FavGuard avoids this problem by hiding your favorites, altogether, so there is nothing for Twitter to share.

Power Search
If you use Twitter as much as we do, you know that the wealth of information can be both a blessing and a curse. We decided to do something about it and created a powerful filter. With FavGuard, you can find tweets within a particular date range and whether they contain a URL or not. Additional features, such as a search engine and bulk actions, will be added soon.

How does FavGuard work?

We have a magic robot that checks your Twitter favorites every 5 minutes, copies them in your FavGuard account, and then deletes (or 'unfavorites') them from Twitter. This way, only you can access your favorites and there's nothing left for Twitter to share behind your back. Your favorites on Twitter will always display 0.
The transfer of your favorites may take a few hours on your first connection due to the request limits set by Twitter.

Why do you offer this service for free? (though it's very kind of you to do so)

The service is free during our beta phase. When Version 1 is released there will be a nominal yearly fee (serving the noble cause of buying us a cup of coffee and a slice of cheesecake).

What will become of my favorites if I don't opt for a paid subscription?

Nothing at all. You'll still have access to your account and favorites. FavGuard will just stop collecting your new Favorites.

Any new features being developed?

We're working on integrating services like Pocket, Readability, etc. so the links in your favorites can be automatically added to apps like Read It Later.

More questions?